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What we do at LeadershipThinking.Academy ?

Incorporating in our work that necessary to ensure full relationship building to achieve a positive culture, based in diversity and connectedness.

We work with the leader & senior lead team to increase perspectives, to widen automatic reference, to sustainably increase the ability to act inclusively, to achieve connectedness. This increased state of the participating people, brings about an increase in the output exponential benefits! Effective and genuine listening is at the heart of this. 

Listening is an art and can be learned - needs to be learned and used.

What are they looking at, these 'gen x' people? Maybe taking a selfie, maybe looking at the positive results to last quarter?

Only a few weeks to go to end of FY 17-18. Talk to Rex about energising your team to make the most of these last weeks and set up new FY. Rex is a useful sounding board too - don't get blocked by your paradigms.

People live up to our down to our expectations - withhold negative judgments!


I had the pleasure and insight of working with Rex during the first couple of years that I was promoted to Managing Director of General Dynamics Land Systems– Australia (GDLSA). I took over responsibility for this business at a time when we had to work through the wind-down of a number of contracts, bidding of new (significant) contracts, and developing/hiring a new leadership team.
These challenges were further compounded by significant decision making authority remaining with the parent business unit in North America, and myself learning to be "the” leader of the local business (as opposed to one of many leaders within the parent company).
Needless to say, there was a lot of change, challenges and uncertainty within the business, my immediate team and myself. Rex provided a combination of one-on-one coaching, team facilitation and workshops, and behind the scenes support and communication strategies. He was able to engage at every level of the business, from the apprentice in the factory to the MD. Impressively, Rex had a great knack to present counter- and alternate perspectives to a particular item, and in doing so enable me and my team to broaden our own views, and typically arrive at a better solution or plan than we would have on our own.
More importantly, Rex was able to impart this problem solving approach and leadership style through his various toolkits, workshops and coaching. I still use many of the techniques and methods learnt from Rex, and I am certainly a more effective manager and leader as a result of his coaching and facilitation. His enthusiasm for the work he did with us, and passion he has for true change and growth in individuals, was and continues to be one of his greatest strengths. Gary Stewart – Managing Director General Dynamics Land Systems Nova Systems Defence, Energy and Utilities, Communications and Transportation markets. Previously Managing Director General Dynamics Land Systems http://www.gdlsaustralia.com General Dynamics is a global aerospace and defence company
Rex Buckingham
Some years ago, I had the pleasure of completing a Diploma in Business Management course with Rex. He revolutionised my thoughts, brought transferable thinking and provided actual workplace examples. In particular demonstrated the importance behaviour plays in our everyday working lives and provided strategies to implement the learning.
Since then, I have worked in a variety of leadership roles ranging from primary industries, mining, manufacturing, government and consulting. I have used the skills Rex taught me every day in my career. I have often considered these lessons far more important than any of my degrees and people have become the cornerstone of every project I have been involved with.
Since meeting Rex, we still catch up to share stories and discuss insights we both have had regarding behaviour. The discussions are always stimulating and on many occasions, they have helped me work through a particularly challenging situation or client. I know that if I had not met Rex, I would not have been nearly as successful as I am today.

Thank you Rex.

James McIntyre
Senior Associate 2XE

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