Personal Growth and Development

Personal Growth and Development

By Rex

There is no middle ground, one is either appreciating or depreciating. The important thing is to know where you are heading and the route you are taking; the barriers you might encounter and the way through.

It’s not just OK to seek input from others but appropriate. Why would one not take the chance to add perception and experience into the mix when it is as important as one’s life! So long as there is a plan, changes can be made – not in writing, no plan. Plan it, do it! Only one life, get it right!

Empty chairs are to often reflective of empty minds. Not silly people but disconnected through the senior person being too much the solution. 
The Leader needs to be the facilitator - the coach & mentor.
Yes, the Visionary but not the dictator - the enabler!

LeadershipThinking is not Management Thinking.