provided by people who have attended the many presentations, workshops, speaking engagements, courses Rex has provided – these have been selected from presentations over the last short period only.
Our client was over the moon with the training she has so much praise for you (and I reckon she would be a hard cookie to crack in a way) She was blown away by the course – she said when they started she said the girls were thinking this is going to be pretty boring.
Then she said when you got into the course you were able to add so much value to it.
She said you were funny/witty and full of great knowledge that you were able to pass on.
She said if they do other staff next year can she request Rex I said of course. But I said we would need to work out the regional staff and Rex may not be able to do that unless client pays for the travels costs.

Some references


Our client is OK it is just the logistics of it. Well done Rex – you have one over a client.

Thank you for your kind comments regarding our work sessions, I was having a bad day a couple of weeks ago and my boss forwarded your email on to me, made my day!
I have had a conversation with your agent and she will be in Sydney in the next couple of weeks to discuss the possibility of others doing the Certificate course next year. If this comes about, would you be available to do the training for the team?
My boss has sent me an email outlining some areas of training for myself and the Territory Managers in 2007. I will make a decision and look forward to catching up next year.
If you can spare the time I would love to catch up for that Christmas drink.

Thanks for yesterday, I felt that the presentation was exactly what we needed given the recent events. This has obviously been something that has been building up over a longer period. It was good to hear your coaching in front of a group once again and in particular your understanding of the problems that cause the issues and not necessarily the actual person. This will help when addressing this behaviour in the near future. What you said all made sense and it was a wake up call to me, it reminded me of the learning’s from the management course.

Yes lets catch up soon, next week I am away Monday and Tuesday so late in the week is preferable.

Feedback from the ‘all team workshop to connect and optimise’ session was very positive and we started on reviewing 5 processes/issues as identified on the day. 

  • Scanning has been resolved
  • electronic applications is underway – we are now waiting on our supplier to confirm date of availability
  • skills analysis completed
  • reception counter height issue resolved (xxxx is returning to reception in a new role and she is happy with the height) however we are waiting on the builder to review placing a footrest there
  • file prep notes underway – changes made to the procedure of recording, trialled & successfully implemented

All in all a very successful day, thanks 

Thanks for the workshop – very interesting and I gained a lot from it!  Regards

Hi Rex, Thanks for the great session this morning, I believe that we all gained a lot of clarity. I will give you a call this week to go over a few things if that’s OK
Well, I guess you are here to stay! Welcome.
You will be pleased to hear that I put to good use some of the things I learned at your workshops.
I had a problem getting someone to volunteer to work over the long weekend. I gave the problem to one of the juniors and asked him to talk with the others and see if they could solve the problem. Could they do a flyer for the other rooms? Could they split the shift? Could they make it seem more attractive?
They got together and came up with a good plan which was readily taken up by someone at other rooms for part of the shift and the junior volunteered to do the remainder!
It worked like magic!

“Rex is very easy to communicate with and understand.  Theories projected.” “I have taken segments and tables from the content and will use them in day to day Business” “Nice new facility”
“Good sense of humour!”
“Very helpful trainer, enjoyed his classes”  “Thank you Rex!”
“Really enjoyed the course!”
“Good knowledge of the subject” “Friendly personality”

PROGRAM/UNIT:      Human Resource Management (evening program) 
FACILITATOR:    Rex Buckingham
 DATE:               Wednesday 7 September 2005 
Neither Agree or Disagree
Strongly Agree
Teaching Evaluation
The pace of delivery of the material is suitable
The lecturer encouraged questions and discussion
The lecturer was knowledgeable and readily understood

What did you enjoy about this session/lecturer:

  • The way Rex talked about practical situations and gave practical advice to everyday situations in the workplace, which was very useful
  • A lot more interactive and more group discussion to work through the case studies
  • The directness of the information
  • Rex encouraged our input into the subject
  • Rex put interesting insight into the subject of equal opportunity
  • Different style of teaching
  • He was interesting and informative and involved the class

What improvements do you think could be made to this session/lecturer’s delivery style:

  • It was all great
  • It would be hard to say because Rex wasn’t able to prepare for this session – it would be great to have more learning opportunity for him

Please make any additional comments:

  • Very engaging and informative session
  • Interesting and greatly involved

Thank you for taking the time to assist us

I passed onto Lis how great the workshop was and how I was looking forward to the next three (including no. four!!!!)

I used the ask listen ask listen ask when I had the meeting with one of my team members and it worked a treat!!!!!!
She opened up so well and is making up task sheets that will enable her to get the amount of work done that is required. I found out she has a penchant for paperwork and all things stationary as I do but we’d never shared that. She said at our next shift that she liked the way I listened to what she wanted. I don’t think I mastered the ‘can’t’ words but I’m going to do that and I’m much more aware.
I found the five people to give my positive feedback to and all reacted really well and took it as genuine feedback.
Thanks again
I’m looking forward to the next session.
As we head into the break……I am extremely pleased that I am doing the course and will definitely leave it with more skills than upon commencement.
Thanks Rex, I enjoyed yesterdays session
I very much enjoyed your presentation. I understand that part of your time there was donated. I also appreciated that we received the abridged flat out version.
Personally I felt privileged to be in the room.
I’m wrapped I’m attending the course it seems each topic we are covering Janet and I have had a need for the knowledge and thankfully having it are implementing it. Thanks again.
Another excellent class tonight. A good double dose of motivation and advice today will go a long way and was just what I needed. Thank you for your time.
I have learned so much from the tutorials and for this I thank you. You have been inspirational and informative and I can tell you that you have ignited me and motivated me to build on my business in a way that I didn’t think was possible.
I am really pleased that I attended the Diploma course because I gained so much from it, both new skills and the confidence in my ability to use those skills. I honestly feel that it would not have been the same were it not for your obvious passion about what you do as well as the other guys on the course. For this I sincerely thank you.
Once again Rex thank you for the dedication to our class, you’ve handed us a valuable experience and a wealth of knowledge and very useful tools!
It is becoming increasingly clear in much of the ideas we have looked at; that the true beauty and ingenious of it is in the simplicity. I really enjoy all of it, and it fascinates me how simple- yet effective much of the ideas are.
I think you did a fabulous job.  I have forwarded your email to our executive so they can get that email out.  Your idea is an excellent way to reinforce the message.  Perhaps we can send a motivational email every Monday
Thank you again for such a great course, reflecting again it was by far the best course I have ever been on.
I attended your conflict resolution course in May and wanted to just drop you a line to say that I was used to trying the old method of when people have problems, take each one aside separately and then work through them.

Silly old me jumped back into this old habit recently and soon found that I wasn’t getting anywhere with resolving anything and just ended up going back and forth and sometimes favouring a person.  So, I sat back and said to myself that I should remember what you taught and told us about getting everyone together and discussing it all etc.  So that is what I just did and needless to say – IT WORKED!  I got all 3 people involved and called them all into my office and said my little introduction about how I understand we are all under pressure and how we are not in the ideal situation but this is what we have got so lets work with it and then put it back to them about what we can do to resolve any issues.  And, Lo and Behold – problems were out in the open and solutions are in place and everyone knows that they are all there to help each other and it will take time but they will work on it (and I will keep an eye on it of course).  And none of it got “personal”
either which was a bonus as when one person comes to you it does get personal.
Just thought you might like to know that even though I went back into old habits, I soon took on your ideas and put them into place, and after this, I will continue to do so.
Thankyou Rex for the information . Paula and myself enjoyed the last two days and all the information is most valuable and will be used in the near future.
I’ve been meaning to drop you an email for sometime as I really got a lot of the module and realised that I’m doing some good stuff and some not so good
Thank you for your most lively and entertaining Business and Management sessions

I am very pleased with the whole week. I have had tremendous feedback from the delegates regarding the conference and program, which is a great relief. I was gathering immediate feedback from sessions throughout the week by standing outside the doors and pouncing on unsuspecting delegates for honest reactions and I only heard very good comments about all of your presentations.
 I would like to thank you for making last week a success for all involved.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your tutorial and guidance
and thank you to you – you pulled the day together very well.
We were happy with the outcomes of the day, and it’s a good start to getting things moving.
I spoke to a number of people during and after the day and likewise the feedback was very positive. Thanks Rex
I found your training session interesting and informative.  I have previously studied communication with TAFE some years ago but your presentation was refreshingly different and quite challenging, certainly
food for thought.   I would be keen to revamp and extend my knowledge in
this area. I look forward to future contact with you. I have been using many of the techniques covered with success and also have found the quotes to be imprinted in my memory.
I very much enjoyed the course – it was lots of fun and I learnt some very valuable tools I can use at both work and home.  Thanks again.
Great sessions and interaction which generated discussion points. Look forward to seeing you in the future.

Hi Rex
It is nice to hear from you.
I nearly forgot about colour thinking (however I never forget what you taught me).
I am no longer in SA
Last year I moved on to Brisbane – Queensland.
I work and live in Queensland now.
All the best for you and your team.

Greetings Rex
Many thanks for your words of encouragement, and sharing your wisdom, life skills and experience.
Appreciated and enjoyed the course.

Course on Managing Budgets and Financial Plans – 7/8 Feb 2006
What aspects of the trainer did you like most?
The breath of insight the trainer brought with real life examples.
The encouraging personality of the trainer
He challenged my thinking!
He was able to get participation from the entire class
Hi Caroline, thanks for the opportunity to attend the training course on Budgeting and Financial Management held earlier this week at Drake Training.
I went to the course thinking that it was going to be two day of very dry training. Not so, within the first half an hour I was stimulated into thinking differently about the subject and found the course and the trainer extremely engaging.
I cannot speak highly enough about the trainer, Rex Buckingham. He made me think differently and use my brain objectively about the subject. I came away from the course energised, excited and egger to put into practice what we were taught.
If there is any opportunity to attend a refresher course later in the year I’d be the first to put my hand up. I also think this course would suite many of my colleagues here at the centre.
PS I believe Drake have a course on PROJECT MANAGEMENT, I’d be very keen to attend one of these courses.

Dear Rex,
 A writing to express my appreciation for assisting me with my decision to enrol in the 2006 Diploma with Business SA. As you are aware I completed the Certificate 4 in Business Management in 2004 and I was initially reluctant to enrol in the Diploma course for 2005 due to my busy schedule for the year. However after consulting with you and after my promotion within the company we agreed that it would be perfect timing to complete the course.
 The course outline and introduction was explained clearly and you assisted wherever and whenever requested. I particularly enjoyed the 2 days at Warrawong and believe this allowed us to get to know one another and feel comfortable being open and honest with each other throughout the year.
 The methods you use to facilitate during sessions are second to none and I am sure the others in the Group 8 Diploma would agree. The sessions were made enjoyable and interesting and ensured everyone was involved.
I would like to thank you for assisting me in undertaking the course in 2005 and wish you the very best for the future.

Hi Rex,
Firstly Tuesday 24th is fine for me. Secondly, here we go:
I was part of Diploma Group 8 for the Diploma of Business Management conducted through Business SA in 2005. I chose to undertake the course to originally further develop myself and my skills, but in particular to formalise what I thought I knew and importantly to learn what I didn’t know. This course did this. Very effectively. Whilst there was the necessary content we had to cover, it was the way in which we covered it that was most effective. I enjoyed all the various components, and found those that I was weak on particularly challenging. However, the most enjoyable part of the Diploma was how the course was delivered. Rex continually challenged us and our thinking. He forced us to look at the way we think, the language we use and ways to improve both. All very important qualities for a leader/business owner. This reflects current thinking in management.
 The Diploma represented true adult learning. It was a nice mix of theory, practical interpretation and most importantly class-participant interaction. Rex steered us through the year and encouraged us to question ‘the norm.” I’m sure a lot of what was undertaken and learnt throughout the year was taken back into the various workplaces and the same challenges/question were posed to the participants’ respective businesses – which is a good thing. I thoroughly recommend this course. Every participant will get something out of it.
Happy New Year Rex & yes putting into practice Debono’s hindsight.
Regarding the course. I had absolutely no idea as to how much work was involved and luckily that was the case as I would have missed out on this penny dropping experience. For me the content was correct as it allowed me to work on sections of my business not realised before. Course notes & hand outs were well written & not complicated.
As for the lecturer Rex Buckingham, I count myself lucky to have been given his guidance. He is charismatic to say the least, witty, well spoken & and can deliver his sermon with exacting clarity. Teaching is this man’s gift and it would be a tragedy to lose his expertise.
now that I have had a taste of adult learning, it is here that my journey begins. To fill his boots will be an arduous task.

Hi Rex,
 I recommend you and the great opportunity that your Diploma course offers.
 I completed the Diploma of Business Management with Rex Buckingham in 2005.
The Diploma course covered a wide range of areas of business that had direct relevance to our business and the learning continues to support me in my role as Operations Manager.

I found the focus on the Leadership within business one of the greatest benefits of the course, the skills and knowledge developed during and after the course allow me to lead staff and develop systems to benefit our business.
 Learning with Rex was more about ‘How can’ than ‘How to’. The focus on learning was applied directly to our business and how to maximise the benefits that each module could offer, along with gaining the most out of staff in the process.

The Diploma course with Rex was a thoroughly enjoyable experience developing business, leadership and life skills in relaxed approach.
While the course represented a commitment to time and hard work, the result was well worth the investment.

Hi Rex
I must admit that I went into the Diploma with low expectations. I assumed that it would be a dull and dry affair based around numbers, processes and procedures. To my surprise this was far from the case.
Rex presented the course from an angle of interpersonal skills and relationships. I found this style both refreshing and interesting.
This helped to make the course work more relevant to my day to day business life and thus maintained my interest in the course throughout the year. His teaching style promotes learning and development in an open forum. I would have no hesitation in attending any course taught by Rex in the future.
 Diploma of Business Management (BSB50401)
 I completed my Diploma in February 2005; it was one of the first diploma courses run by Business SA in the country area of Mt. Gambier. The course started with 11 people which I believe 8 successfully completed.

The course was very beneficial for me and our business, by far the one Lecturer that held the course together and had the most impact on me, and I believe the others in the course were Rex Buckingham. Rex has the ability to make you challenge your own thoughts, actions and management methods, to think outside the square and at the same time believe in yourself and be comfortable with the process.
 Since the completion of the course I have started to use Rex as a training provider for our in-house line management training, while it is early days I am extremely pleased with the feed back I am receiving from the managers who have attended the training.
 I would have no hesitation in recommending Rex Buckingham to run a Diploma course.

To whom it may concern:
During my employment at  I have been fortunate to have Rex Buckingham as lecturer for Certificate IV in Frontline Management (2002-2003) and Diploma in Business Management (2004-2005).  I successfully completed both courses and found Rex to be an excellent lecturer/facilitator/mentor.

I believe the opportunities presented to me during the past 4 years can be largely attributed to the skills and knowledge gained from these courses and the Diploma in particular.  Rex always provided a learning environment that enabled me to progress further than I thought possible.  I have recommended the Diploma course based on my experience and would continue to do so to others should the opportunity arise for Rex to deliver the course again. 
Yours Sincerely,